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The "You Got In" video is an Upper School Student-Directed Project. It was directed, produced, and choreographed by Lily Recht '23 and Wilson Baker '24. These students work with the Beaver marketing team, a professional videographer, and various other departments throughout the school to bring their project to life. Their ultimate goal is to share the joy and excitement of life at Beaver with YOU, our newly-accepted students. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Baker_Wilson_2024 (1).JPG

Wilson Baker '24

Share the process of working on the video. 
The process of working on the video was fun and challenging. We had to work hard to get others involved and ensure everything was perfect. It has been a very rewarding process to see everything come together.


What do you hope accepted students take away from the video?
We want newly accepted students to get excited about coming to Beaver, and feel welcomed into our community!


The Beaver community is so great and we hope we captured the spirit of the school for our newly accepted students. 

Recht_Lily_2023 (1).JPG

Lily Recht '23

"This has been a tremendous opportunity for these students, and I'm so impressed with their creativity, passion, and skills."

- Vlad Derisier, Beaver choreography teacher & SDP advisor -

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