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The "You Got In" video is directed, produced, and choreographed by the students in the Upper School Choreography Foundations class. These students work with the Beaver marketing team, a professional videographer, and various other departments throughout the school to bring their project to life. Their ultimate goal is to share the joy and excitement of life at Beaver with YOU, our newly-accepted students. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

And now it's your turn to learn (and share!) the dance.

The students broke down the moves below to the first dance in the video. Once you've got it mastered, we want to see! Email or tag us on Instagram @bcdschool #YouGotIn2022

Dance Performance 1: Tutorial Video
Beaver Country Day School

Dance Performance 1: Tutorial Video



"When I was working on the You Got In video I enjoyed having the responsibility that I was given, even though I was a new freshman. I also enjoyed working with people in other grades, like the Middle School. This experience helped me further engage myself in the Beaver community and learn how to be a leader while still having fun."




"I was very excited to be a part of the video since I've seen these videos for years. Not only were we choreographing, we were able to choose the song and what the video would actually look like. I hope newly admitted  students see the many different people at Beaver and the type of welcoming community we have here." 


"Every year we do the video, it feels new and thrilling since it is different every year. The opportunity to collaborate with other students in person returned this year, and those who took part were really enthusiastic, which just fueled my own enthusiasm. I also really enjoy the fact that, when working on the video, I am able to assist my mom, who serves as the Director of Enrollment Management. Overall, it's a fantastic experience that provides a valuable learning opportunities." 

 Costume Design 


"This year was my third year working on the You Got In video. I have really loved being able to take part in this experience over the past few years. Getting to create a video from beginning to end and be a part of the process has been great. I especially enjoy getting to work with everyone involved in making this video happen. It has been a fun experience that I feel grateful to be a part of."



"This has been a tremendous opportunity for the class, and I'm so impressed with their creativity, passion, and skills."

- Vlad Derisier, Choreography Foundations teacher -

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